In 2018, medical cannabis became legal in Oklahoma. Instead of gushing midnight black oil, the new gusher is green. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has been busily granting applications for dispensaries, cultivation, and patients for about seven months now. So, how eager are the citizens of the state to get in on the action? Well, over $7.5 million in tax revenue was collected just in the lower half of 2018. Industry advocates enthusiastically greeted the Oklahoma cannabis market. Which means that many expect revenue to increase even more in 2019. But were they right? Let’s take a look at some hard and fast numbers.

How Many Licenses Have Been Granted in OK?

Most recent numbers reveal that the OMMA has received 51,336 cannabis-related applications: This includes 47,801 for patients; 328 for caregivers; and 3,207 business applications.

And quite a chunk have been approved: OMMA has approved 38,855 licenses in the state. To break this figure further down, the majority of licenses in Oklahoma have been for patients (35,862). Furthermore, this is followed by 1,482 for growers, 902 for dispensaries, 389 for processors, and 220 for caregivers.

How Many Stores are Operating in OK?

But license approval is only one step in the cannabis game. So, how many licensees are actually open for business in the Oklahoma cannabis market? OMMA recently began publishing a list of licensed growers, processors, and dispensaries on their website as compliance with open record law requirements. The list displays all licensed growers, licensed processors, and licenses dispensaries operating within the state. Below you will find the cities in Oklahoma and their respective number of licensed dispensaries currently operating.

Licensed Dispensaries in Oklahoma

Cities: ADA to Durant & Edmond to Luther

Licensed Dispensaries in Oklahoma Cities 1 - Pinnacle Consultation

Licensed Dispensaries in Oklahoma

Cities: Madill to Quinton & Randlett to Yukon
Licensed Dispensaries in Oklahoma Cities 2 - Pinnacle Consultation

How Many Licensed Marijuana Processors and Growers are There?

Approximately 340 licensed processors currently operate in the Oklahoma cannabis market. In addition, approximately 1,280 licensed growers operate in the state.

* It should be noted that the above numbers are accurate as of January 25, 2019 – which is the latest published data from OMMA.

Ready to Jump in on the Action in the Oklahoma Cannabis Market?

The Oklahoma cannabis market is booming. But some areas of the state are clearly more saturated than others. But how do you choose the best location to invest or open up? You’re in luck, because that is where Pinnacle comes in. Oklahoma is actually where we cultivated our high level of experience and expertise.

So, we can honestly say that we know that market down to its roots. Let us help you dig deep and start your cannabusiness as strong as it can be. We’re here to help! Call us at (719) 330-5301. Or click here to schedule a sit-down consultation.