What Our Clients Say

“We contacted Pinnacle as we were forming our business in 2014. Our experience was based in the commercial construction industry, so we needed Pinnacle to help with almost all information marijuana related from the beginning. They developed an extensive business plan with us that we used to secure our investor. Pinnacle continued to assist us through the Washington state licensing process. Pinnacle made something we thought would be impossible possible, we will continue to recommend and use them again in the future.”
Heath G, Our Healing Tree
“I bought a struggling medical marijuana dispensary outside of Denver, because I wanted to enter this industry for quite a while, but had no experience with industrial scale growing. I heard about Kris from Pinnacle Consultation through some of his previous clients that were close friends of mine. I contacted him and in 5 months our yield averages increased from around 1 pound per 1000 watts to 2 pounds per 1000 watts. Needless to say I have asked Kris back every time we have expanded or hired new staff and have experienced similar results every time. Pinnacle Consultation delivered on what they promised me and that means more to me than anything else and that is why I continue to use their services.”
Giovanni B., Med Intentions
“Our company hired Pinnacle when we were just beginning our application process in Montana for an infused products license. They immediately saw multiple large problems with our application (which was previously reviewed by our lawyer) and just as quickly provided solutions to remedy the issues. We were hesitant to hire a cannabis consultant at first, because of all the other expenses we were incurring at the time. But after realizing how much Pinnacle Consultation saved us in time and money, we will never hesitate to hire them again. They really are a great group of knowledgeable professionals.”
Margaret H., Sky High Ranch
“Pinnacle Consultation’s compliance assessment gave our company the opportunity to check for risks before our initial MED audit. Becca helped us to understand not only what we were missing in signage and security requirements but also gave us helpful tips for our budtenders to follow the regulations. With the employee SOPs Pinnacle created and our facility assessed, we felt relaxed and confident with the MED inspector. We passed the initial inspection with flying colors — if we had not our business would have been unable to open for months until another inspection could be scheduled. Ultimately, we saved money from time not being wasted on simple mistakes”
Melissa Z., CannaSynergy
“We purchased a medical dispensary without really knowing what we were getting into. The METRC reporting system was just too overwhelming to understand with everything else. We hired the consultants from Pinnacle originally to help us re-organize our grow and file the change of ownership with the state. Pinnacle suggested allowing them to perform a compliance assessment, and we agreed. Pinnacle helped us to understand the point of sale and METRC programs, rules and regulations, and even specific steps to keep compliant. We would have been lost without their team.”
William B., Jah’s Gift
“During the summer, our manager left for maternity leave and we needed someone to come in and handle inventory upkeep, which is what we initially hired Pinnacle for. During that time, we had an opportunity to expand by purchasing another center, Pinnacle stepped up and guided us through the process. They helped us with the change of ownership after assessing the facility for compliance and setting customized procedure books for the bud-tenders at the new facility. Overall, it was hectic mess of paperwork and Pinnacle’s team handled it; we barely had to lift a finger.”
Nate G., The Helpful Choice