Security and surveillance system issues are often found during reviews of other non-related infractions. An incident at your dispensary, processing facility or cultivation site can bring a visit from local fire and health inspectors as well as state and federal investigators.  One of the first things they will want to do is review your  surveillance system. The review of the security system often leads to other issues.

Top infractions:

  • Cameras without a clear, unobstructed view of all activity. No sight blockage.
  • All records applicable to the surveillance system are not maintained on the licensed premise.
  • The licensee does not have a current list of authorized employees and service personnel who have access to the surveillance system.
  • The licensee does not maintain a diagram of the surveillance camera locations, direction of coverage and assigned camera numbers.
  • The video surveillance system does not have an active notification system for interruptions and failures. Alerts cannot be email or web-based.
  • Inadequate service and maintenance records maintained on-site.

To test your system, have an employee walk through the facility with an empty box. If during the walk through the employee and/or box are not visible on the surveillance system, then a violation can occur.

Best practices include:

  • The security and surveillance provider has an in-depth service level agreement.
  • A facility diagram with map of cameras, camera numbers and line of sight.
  • Time and date stamps are accurate on each DVR system and all cameras are operational.
  • The DVR system is locked and secured with a detailed access and maintenance log history.
  • A list of approved stakeholders who can access the DVR system is available at the facility.

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