For those wanting an edge in the cannabis industry, MJBizCon– hosted by Marijuana Business Daily – is the happening spot. Held this year from November 14th to 16that the Las Vegas Convention Center, the event was the largest gathering of marijuana industry professionals ever. More than 28,000 people attended the three-day conference. Without a doubt, if you want to network, MJBizCon is the place to be.

Our very own Kristopher Fowlkes, of Pinnacle Consultation, attended the convention and came away with a number of industry insights.

What is MJBizCon?

Marijuana Business Daily saw the need to support the ever-flowering cannabis industry as it segments. Overall, the event explored new investment opportunities while still maintaining a strong focus used on legalization and compliance matters. MBD saw a need to encourage and support industry players through community and economy development in the new markets considering legalization. The idea being, this creates a more sustainable industry.

MJBizDaily focused on three main topics at the Las Vegas convention:

  • Sustainability and Community Development
    • Incorporate Green initiatives
    • Encouraging responsible use and behavior standards


  • Legal Advocacy
    • Support fact-based discussions on legalization


  • Professional Development and Inclusion
    • Follow the philosophy that inclusiveness is key to making the industry stronger


Notables of MJBizCon

Overall, the convention featured keynote speakers and over 65 conference sessions led by industry thought leaders. In particular, these courses included business strategy, cultivation, product testing, hemp, legal, retail, infused products, extraction, and industry trends and insights. Kris attended a number of these breakout sessions and found them extremely insightful. “Also, the conference dug deeper than just the basics, giving attendees real actionable information and strategy to bring back to their companies.”

The specific topic-oriented breakout sessions really gave listeners the opportunity to plan their schedule and maximize their time. For example, an attendee interested in cultivation techniques could attend sessions only focused on harvesting, soils, and strain management. Accordingly, those in the infused business could learn specifically about product development and strategies, product expansion tips, and FDA quality control.

Finally, a new addition to this year’s convention were after-parties. held at three Las Vegas nightclubs, the parties were strictly envisioned for MJBizCon attendees to continue mingling with industry professionals in a more casual environment.


What Was Big at MJBizCon?

Overall, there seemed to be something for everyone at the conference. But according to Kris, there certainly were some standouts as well as pretty clear industry trends to be on the lookout for. “The Canadian market was super present at the conference,” said Kris. “This really means it is an indication of the federal market moving closer to fruition.”

In addition, Kris saw investment as a hot topic too, specifically in the industrial hemp market. He said that, “equipment selection, hemp development, advice for entering the world market, as well as CBD were really popular topics.”

Specifically, an entire hemp forum took place one day of the conference. It offered a crash course in planting, processing, and how to find new markets. It offered viable information for farmers, investors, and executives in the industry.


Who Wasn’t Big at MJBizCon? 

As far-reaching as the conference was, Kris noted some industry absentees. “There really were not a lot of operators there. In the end, it was mostly ancillary people, which again signals some shifting in the industry.”

Regardless of interest preferences, the 2018 MJBizCon really did have something for every attendee. In the end, the conference enables serious networking for industry professionals because it gathers the most experienced and most knowledgeable thought leaders out there. Information-sharing, blossoming ideas, all from those who live and breathe the industry and who are passionate about its growth. Get ready for 2019! The next MJBizCon will be held December 11-13, 2019 in Las Vegas.


Get in on the Action

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