Pinnacle Consultation has seen an upswing in clients seeking to do business in Oregon. So many in fact, its experts have put together a list of frequently asked questions. For more information contact Pinnacle Consultation’s main office at 719.330.5301.

Oregon Licensing – General

Q: What level of debt can an applicant have while applying?

A:  The Oregon Liquor Control Commission does not check credit.

Q:  Can I charge for the tours that I conduct on the premises?

A:  OLCC administrative rules do not prohibit charging for tours conducted on premises.  However, all tours must comply with requirements.

Q.  If I want to apply for a marijuana license, what should I do now?

A.  Contact Pinnacle Consultation at 719.330.5301.

Q:  I want to move my licensed premises, how do I do this?

A:  Changing the location of a business will require submitting a new application.  Review the OLCC rules for changing locations.

Q:  If I want to be a contractor to perform work at licensed premises do I need a license?

A:  Not under the OLCC licensing system.

Q:  How will the grower/processor know that the retailer is licensed?  Will licensees be able to check with the OLCC about license status?

A:  OLCC staff will issue the license electronically through the online licensing system. The license will be available for electronic download and must be printed and posted on the licensed premise, according to OLCC administrative rules.

Q:  How do we do the background check?

A:  Fieldprint, in coordination with the Oregon State Police, will be used to perform the background check on all persons where this is required.  You will be notified by the investigator reviewing your application who is affected and if/when it is time to get your fingerprints for the background done.

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