The Occupational Safety and Health federal law was created protect worker from safety and health hazards. Cannabusinesses, even though illegal under federal law, must still comply with OSHA regulations.

OSHA is now looking at marijuana businesses in state with legal cannabis grows. It is important for cannabusiness owners to be in compliance with both state and federal regulations. OSHA has the power to impose fines and close a business.

What to Look For

Written hazard communication plan. The plan describes how the cannabusiness will comply with labeling of hazardous containers, Material Safety Data Sheets and hazardous chemical training for employees.

Documentation for workplace injury. Have OSHA Form 300 or Form 301 on file for injuries on the job.

Formal fire prevention plan. This should cover maintenance of equipment, waste materials and major hazards. It should also provide names and titles of responsible for the plan.

Evaluate and document personal protective equipment. This includes employee training and certification.

OSHA citations have included blocked exits, exit routes and electrical panels; exposing employees to electrical and chemical hazards; failure to report injury;non-functional fire  extinguishers and not producing records within required timeframe. Some of these infractions are found during compliance inspections of the cannabusiness.

What to Do

First do your own checks. Become familiar with OSHA rules and how they might apply to your cannabusiness.

Then get an experienced, reputable firm like Pinnacle Consultation to do an on-site inspection to ensure compliance at all levels.

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