As of October 1, 2015 Oregon now allows recreational selling of marijuana. Oregon already has a great number of shops that are strictly medical; with the new law these medical shops can now get a recreational Oregon Marijuana license. This also will allow for anyone new looking to get involved in cannabis a chance to apply for a Oregon marijuana license in order to start their own recreational shop. However Oregon officials believe anyone strictly looking to start a recreational shop these will not begin to open until the second half of next year. In Portland alone there are 120 dispensaries whom have already had their Oregon marijuana license to sell medical most are expected to begin selling recreational as well. Oregon has a whole has 345 licensed dispensaries and at least 200 of those have informed the state of Oregon that they will be looking to gain their Oregon marijuana license to sell recreational as well.

With this new law Oregon expects many new people coming in looking to gain an Oregon marijuana license hoping to make it in the cannabis market. The rules of this new law will be anyone over the age of 21 will be able to purchase up to seven grams of flower, four clones, and as of right now unlimited seeds. Owners and future owners alike expect a great increase in demand with these new rules coming into effect and will need to be ready with an increased amount of inventory for all the new customers they will be seeing. This new law will also add a list of new regulations and rules that each business will have to make sure they are in compliance with before opening up their doors for recreational sales. Oregon dispensary owners with their new gained Oregon marijuana license will need to learn to handle two different set of customers that being on the medical side and recreational side, this is where they can turn to states like Colorado or Washington for advice on how best to cater to each market. With Oregon becoming the third state to allow legal recreational sales they are also expecting tourism to go up. As more and more people flock to the states in which they can buy without a medical card.