Oregon Gov. Kate Brown recently signed a bill making unlicensed production of marijuana extracts a felony. The Oregon Health Authority defines cannabis extracts as involving heat and pressure during the creation process. This includes BHO and CO2 products.

OHA issued a directive that medical marijuana dispensary operators no longer accept cannabis extracts from unlicensed producers. And since OHA has not issued any production licenses, it will be months before anyone receives licensing. Dispensaries will still be allowed to sell existing inventory but could face prosecution if they restock extracts.

April Fools NOT

OHA’s extraction production application will be online April 1.

André Ourso, Manager, Oregon Medical Marijuana Section, said the application process could take a few months. Companies making application should be sure they meet local laws and have fire and safety inspections. Companies must also have their products tested for pesticides at an approved laboratory.

The ban does not include tincture, kief, or solvent-less hash.

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