Medical Marijuana in Mexico

Last month Mexican President Peña Nieto legalized medical marijuana for the country. This opens up new opportunities for Mexican cannabusiness. There are a few catches however. The first catch is that THC will be limited to 1% or lower as the bill stands. High CBD strains will be the focus of cultivation in Mexico.

CBD heavy strains seem to help more with the varying medical conditions that require both compounds. That limitation makes things difficult for a new business and they need the right cannabis consultant to help them find the strains that test at these levels.

The next catch that needs to be addressed is the level of government involvement. Whether or not the government will take the reigns 100%, similar to Ecuador, is still unclear. The last catch is that Mexico plans to focus on pharmaceutical applications of cannabis.

Nieto and the Mexican House and Senate came to the agreement on legalization after a public debate on the issue. Both the House and Senate passed the bill with a vast majority of votes. Similar to the approval rate of US citizens, 90% of the Mexican political system approve of medical marijuana. To us, that seems to be the most promising aspect of the new Mexican market. If public debates continue, policy regarding THC limits will likely change. It seems silly to only treat the conditions that benefit from CBD. Most medical patients in the US use THC for pain and it is effective.

Decriminalization in Mexico

A bill was shot down a few months prior to medical legalization that aimed to decriminalize up to an ounce. Colorado went in the reverse of this direction. The voters approved decriminalization prior to legalization. So while there is hope on one side, there is still obviously a stigma surrounding recreational cannabis in Mexico. For companies looking to capitalize on the pharmaceutical aspect of cannabis, Mexico may be their honey hole.