Denver Marijuana Moratorium

Colorado seeks on-site cannabis consumption guidelines

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Ears and Everyplace

When it comes to clean indoor air acts, most bud consumers would gladly suffer the clouds of marijuana smoke to be able to enjoy an evening with friends at a public venue. States with legalized marijuana for recreational purposes have addressed  on-site consumption in a variety of ways from public smoking bans because of clean air laws to vape lounges and private clubs with members consuming cannabis in every smokable form (dab, vape, concentrate and flower).

This series will look at various states and their approach to on-site consumption of cannabis.


The 2016 session of the Colorado General Assembly  will see Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, and Rep. Kit Roupe, R-Colorado Springs, partnering to introduce a bill addressing pot clubs for on-site consumption.

Singer said he would like to see statewide guidelines rather than a town-by-town hodgepodge of ordinances. In a town like Colorado Springs, which does not allow for recreational marijuana sales, some membership clubs allow for consumption on-site.  Singer said some of the clubs provide marijuana to members like a drug front, others just want to offer a safe place to consume marijuana.

According to Colorado marijuana law, hotels and private rental properties are allowed to decide whether guests can consume marijuana on premises. Entrepreneurs from Aurora to Winter Park and points in between have developed a variety of cannabis-friendly options for locals and visitors alike. You can find a mixture of B&Bs, hotels, lodges and private residences which offer 420-friendly  accommodations.

When visiting the mile high city, one can book custom getaways for yourself and 49 of your closest friends. with transportation, lab and grow house tours, cooking classes and other cannabis-friendly options.

Look to Colorado Springs for private clubs which allow members to bring pot from home into the lounge for an evening of board games, live music and house provided papers, bongs and vaporizers.  According to Colorado Springs ordinance marijuana consumption is not permitted openly or publicly or in a manner that endangers others.  Consumption is lawful in a private setting if the property owner allows it.

Although Colorado Springs has placed a moratorium on new clubs until March 22, 2016, and the City Government has no idea how many such clubs are operating, it is thought eight or nine clubs operate within the city limits.

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