The absurdity of Jeff Sessions’ viewpoints

Jeff Sessions has made many statements to express his opposition to any cannabis legality. He famously said that “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” He has also made claims that marijuana contributes to a nationwide drug epidemic. It is apparent to all who study this drug epidemic that both the cause and catalyst is opiate addiction. Sessions has also made it clear that he doesn’t think marijuana should ever be legal for recreational use. Now Sessions has done what we all feared he would. In a recent letter reported by then The Washington Post, Session asks congress to rescind the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment. The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment offered federal protection for states and businesses that offer medical marijuana. This amendment has been in place since 2014 and has spurred on the green rush that entices us all into this lucrative investment opportunity.

It is clear to those of us with common sense that states with medical marijuana have lower incidents of opiate overdoses. In states without legal marijuana, people are still smoking marijuana and getting it from street dealers who also sell other substances. This puts the dealers and the buyers at risk for violence and loss of property. Now Sessions is trying to link violent crime with the sale of legal cannabis. According to the claim that legal marijuana is linked to violence¬† simply isn’t true.

Call to action!

As investors, owners, and purveyors of medical marijuana we must protect our investments. It is always best to use a consultant when investing in medical marijuana but now more so than ever before. The right consultant can assist you in navigating the changing policy surrounding the marijuana industry. A good consultant can also help you to contact the right city, and state offices and politicians. This will allow you to express your opposition to the current Attorney General’s viewpoints. If this current administration realizes that many of its constituents are currently invested or are interested in investing in medical marijuana they will be less likely to proceed.