The Maryland marijuana application process has officially opened and it is great news for anyone looking to get into the cannabis industry on the East Coast. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the body responsible for regulating the Maryland marijuana application process, has announced they will be allowing medical marijuana business applications from interested applicants. After months of drafting the final applications became available on the Commission’s website September 29, 2015. There are three types of licenses available, Grower, Dispensary, & Processor. Maryland has limited the number of each license that it will approve for operation, causing stiff competition among the license aspirants. The window to fill out a Maryland marijuana application will be open until November 6, 2015. There will be no residency requirements for those seeking licenses unlike many other states and allowing even fiercer competition to apply from states with established practices and already booming markets.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission officials anticipate that people from all over the country will be submitting their Maryland marijuana application for review to receive one of the coveted few licenses the state will be awarding. the level of business in Maryland is thought to be very high when it gets in its full swing. After the application process licensees will be allowed one year to complete all pre-operation processes includes getting zoning approvals, having faculties built, installation of equipment, as well as hiring on and training the staff. Out of all the Maryland marijuana applications that will be submitted the state will grant up to 109 dispensaries their license as well as 15 cultivators, Maryland believes this will be a good mix of people who already reside in the Maryland area as well as people from other states looking to capitalize on the new market. New Companies will be limited to 1 license in each different type of category, a business will be allowed to hold up to 3 licenses, one for cultivation, one for producing extracts and edibles and one for dispensing. State officials also believe many of the people looking to gain their Maryland marijuana will be using knowledgeable consultants to help ease the process and make sure they have taken every step to ensure they are awarded licenses from the state. Once provisional licenses are awarded companies will get a full year to get everything ready to be opened. The first ones are expected to be open for business around the second half of 2016.

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