Marijuana sales Q4 FY2016 to Q1 FY2017

Colorado has recently reported $500,000,000 in tax revenue collected since 2014. That equates to $17,241,379,310 in marijuana sales. This has investors and potential owners drooling. We have calculated the quarterly sales between quarter four of fiscal year 2016 as well as quarter one of fiscal year 2017 from the state’s tax data. The taxes collected in quarter four of fiscal year 2016 equate to $354,626,828 in marijuana sales. The marijuana sales for quarter one of fiscal year 2017 are $352,854,465 this includes an average for June because the taxes aren’t reported yet. The weed sales have dipped just .5% from quarter four to quarter one. The sales for June may very well beat the average which would change these figures a bit.

What this means for investment and ownership

This stability in cannabis sales is a good sign for investors and owners. The sales being consistent means that the market is reliable. A few ways to get into this lucrative market are either through strictly financial means or also by purchasing a retail or production facility. When choosing to invest in cannabis it is always best to have the right consultant on your team to advise you through the process.

Q1 marijuana sales compared by year

Last year cannabis sales for quarter one fiscal year 2016 were $316,962,414. That equates to  a 8.1% increase in quarter one sales between 2016 and 2017. For potential investors as well as owners, this is a promising figure. That is $35,892,051 on the table from quarter one alone when compared to last year. This is important information to have when writing a cannabusiness plan with the help of your consultant. When writing a business plan you must always be able to project your sales. Now that you are armed with some sales numbers it is time to build your team and get your piece of that pie.