Across the country, states have legalized or decriminalized marijuana – medically and recreationally. Registered patients use MMJ to assist with pain management and for a variety of other conditions. Could Fido benefit from cannabis consumption too? California wants to be the first to allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis as a treatment option for pets. The proposed bill, titled, AB 2215, would come under alternative medicine and would “protect state-licensed veterinarians from disciplinary action for discussing the use of cannabis on animal patient clients.” Could marijuana for pets become the next sector to take over the industry?

Can 1,300 Pet Owners be Wrong?

Jaime Peyton is a veterinarian at UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Peyton studied 1,300 pet owners who had given their animals CBD (non-psychoactive oils) for pain, nausea, and anxiety. The results? The animals responded very much as humans do.

But legally, veterinarians in California are not permitted to prescribe pot for pets – regardless of the animal’s condition. But medical doctors can.

The California Veterinary Medical Association

Sponsors of AB 2215 include the California Veterinary Medical Association. But the proposed bill has not been without controversy. From potential overdosing to high risk, opponents fear allowing vets to offer medical marijuana is a dangerous proposition. And even with big groups backing it, the bill is missing out on potential additional funding. Because marijuana is still federally labeled as a Schedule I substance, groups hesitate to donate. This lack of extra funding has also had a deleterious effect – preventing more research and studies into potential benefits on cannabis on pets.

The California Veterinary Board met in February of this year to vote on AB 2215. It failed to find support in a vote of 4-2. Five votes would have secured the Board’s recommendation. This does not mean that the bill won’t go any further though. Ash Kalra, the Assembly member who created the legislation, has been working with the board to help change enough votes to garner enough support.

And California also isn’t the only state considering allowing marijuana for pets. Three other states are developing cannabis for pets bills: Utah, New York and Nevada.

But Proponents Want More Research on Marijuana for Pets

Even supporters of medical marijuana for pets still feel that additional research is warranted because, according to the Veterinary Medical Association, consumers are displaying great interest in medicinal cannabis for pets. The group says many veterinarians are fielding these questions daily.

When medical marijuana passed in California in 1996, it too faced similar criticism. But the industry knew more information, generally, about human MMJ use. Supporters of AB 2215 say this exactly why the bill should be passed. Knowledge is scarce for pet owners about the potential benefits of marijuana for pets. Passing the bill, according to proponents, would encourage critical research.

Cannabis Consulting…for Pets?

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