Cannabis businesses in Maine can now sell medical marijuana to one another. Many cannabis companies see this as an opportunity for the industry to grow. Maine medical marijuana businesses saw these changes go into effect December 13, 2018.

So, why is this such promising news?

Maine has 50,000 registered medical marijuana patients. These changes in law allow collaboration and partnership between caregivers, cultivation facilities, extraction labs, and dispensaries (i.e. more variety of product).

The new Maine medical marijuana businesses regulations laid out:

Medical marijuana providers are now legally allowed to sell up to 30 percent of their total grow to other legal providers. Previously, retailers had to cultivate their own plants.

Local control for Maine medical marijuana businesses. Legislators and municipalities will determine if marijuana-based businesses can open in their cities and counties.

Another addition offers more protection for medical marijuana patients. First off, if patients are certified in Maine, they are safe from arrest or prosecution. Secondly, the law offers patients protection from discrimination – from schools, landlords, and employers. Thirdly, new regulations allow authorities to inspect providers without providing any notice.

Compliance regulations were added too.

As for qualifying conditions for becoming a medical marijuana patient in Maine, these have shifted too – and have actually been completely removed. There is no pre-set list of qualifying conditions that a potential patient must reference. If a consumer and his or her doctor mutually agree cannabis is the appropriate treatment, then that’s enough to qualify you to obtain an MMJ card.

And patients will also have greater access to dispensaries. No need for a medical card to enter stores. But there is still the requirement that the individual must be 21 or older to enter. This does not apply if the person under 21 is a certified medical cannabis patient. Patients can purchase more medical cannabis at one time. The new law allows 2.5 ounces per transaction.

The new Maine medical marijuana laws upgraded testing requirements too. The state added mandatory seed-to-sale tracking and specific requirements for labeling and dosing. Additionally, the state now requires stricter security and bookkeeping practices. The aforementioned new testing requirements should result in better quality control for all. Standardizing labeling practices will help ensure overall higher quality and accuracy.

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