There are numerous aspects to running a cannabusiness: increasing revenue, logistics, marketing, licensing, compliance, and maintaining inventory, just to name a few. However, these all share a common element – people. If you don’t have the right people at the right time for the right job, your business will suffer. But those who hire often think about the candidates only once they are in an interview. They don’t consider how to reach better candidates. To find the best employees, you need to craft the perfect job posting. And on the same note, if you rush through this task, don’t be surprised if you get less than stellar applicants.

There is no doubt a connection between people and productivity. It’s wise though to remember that it’s impossible to find the perfect employee. But you can still figure out how to compromise and find individuals who balance each other. You can find the right people to staff your business if you know what you are looking for. So, do you know what you want in your staff?

Staff your Business Smartly

Be straight with your needs and your wants. If you want specific qualities in your employees, then, by golly seek out those skills. But a description that explains only basic aspects of a job won’t speak to the candidates you want. You’ll just continue to get poor quality candidates (read: lousy, unqualified). Understaffing loses business. Your inclination might be to find staff…any staff…fast. So, preparing a proper job description is critical to prevent lost time with unqualified candidates.

Where do I Start with My Job Posting?

On the whole, preparing a job description can be condensed into a pretty straightforward plan. First, figure out the specific job tasks you want done. Next, write these into a narrative that explains the position. Then, screen the candidates. Finally, evaluate and interview your picks. All in all, the plan seems simple enough. Finally, don’t rush through them to try to save time. Now, let’s look at each step individually.

STEP #1:

You need to know what kind of employees you are looking for. You probably are already pretty aware of who you DON’T want. Start there. Regardless, seek out dependable, personable, knowledgeable, and/or willing to be trained. For instance, you could try jotting down a quick pros and cons list to help you get started.Job Post - Step 1 - Pinnacle Consultation

STEP #2:

What position are you seeking to fill? Whether it is a salesperson, grower, budtender, or security position, they all still share some basic skills. These skills include levelheadedness, customer interaction abilities, patience, multitasking, personable, passionate, eager to help, ability to work without direct supervision, and not easily frustrated.

STEP #3:

Now, consider daily tasks. What will your staff need to do their job? Consider a recreational store salesperson. He or she needs to be able to suggest products, explain strains, be able to follow legal Job Posting - Step 3 - Daily Chores - Pinnacle Consultationselling requirements, know the side-effects of cannabis consumption, and be able to share average reaction times to new users. In fact, if the position is for a budtender, simply follow the same steps to determine your list of tasks. Now, put it all together!

STEP #4:

First, write out the job, tasks and, qualifications. Next, include legal information: equal opportunity employer and affirmative action statements. And last, if applicable, include required certifications (such as Occupational Licenses), benefits, if offered, and the expected working environment.Create a Job Posting - Step 4 - Pinnacle Consultation

Publish! Online job posting sites are quick and easy to use. Plus, don’t forget about specific marijuana industry publications where you can target your audience and job pool.

You might think an exorbitant amount of time has to be spent crafting a job posting. But remember, if you want employees to be attentive, show them you spent time finding them.

STEP #5:

Your job posting is out and you’re getting responses. Yay! You’ll immediately find and dismiss certain applicants. With the remaining candidates, weed out the winners (pun intended) and trim the duds. Now, use this same process for any other job openings. Because when you actually spend the time to find your staff, they become more valuable and engaged in your success.

Cannabusiness Consulting to Guide You the Rest of the Way

Let Pinnacle Consultation help you get the right team for your business. We offer various employee retail training methods based on compliance requirements for your license as well as industry best practices. We’ll help you with all other aspects of your cannabusiness as well. Call us at (719) 330-5301.