Pinnacle Consultation has been swamped with questions about starting a medical or retail cannabis grow. To better aid those seeking to enter the legalized marijuana market here are a few FAQs.

Q: How is growing marijuana regulated?

A: Because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, there is myriad of state and local laws to navigate. Each state defines and regulates the industry by medical or recreational use. Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska allow for recreational use. Twenty-five states have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Most states have a residency requirements in addition to background checks, escrow deposits, grow experience and other qualifying factors for application success.

Q: How can I get started?

A: Contact Pinnacle Consultation by phone at 719.330.5301 or through its website and book an appointment with an expert today.

Q: How can I finance my grow?

A: Federal regulations restrict access to banking and other small-business loan programs. Pinnacle Consultation can help with financial projections.

Q: How much can I grow to start?

A: Each state regulates production based on a variety of factors including patient count. Pinnacle Consultation can help with canopy or plant count to keep your cannabusiness in compliance.

Q: Should I do an indoor or outdoor grow?

A: Again, state regulations may dictate how and where you may set-up you cannabis cultivation. Whatever choice you make, be sure to maintain a controlled environment to produce the most consistent and reliable product.

Q: What other factors should I consider?

A: Energy costs (lighting, cooling, heating and other appliances [fans, water pumps, CO2]) require electrical service and upgraded power sources. Pinnacle Consultation can help you make sure not to overload the grid.

Want to establish or expand a cannabis cultivation, grow, dispensary, extraction or retail business? Let Pinnacle Consultation help with your business plan, site location, financial projections, operational plans, licensing assistance and state and local compliance visits. Pinnacle Consultation has an experienced and knowledgeable team ready to help with every step of the process. Pinnacle Consultation offers a variety of services to the cannabis industry. Contact Pinnacle Consultation today at 719.330.5301 or email