Pinnacle can provide remote or on-site grow training!

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Pinnacle Consultation has expertise in all stages of growing marijuana. Consulting covers seeds and strains, facility design, germination and growth, harvesting and sanitation.

Pinnacle Grow Consultation


Pinnacle Consulting can work with you to ensure your grow operation is top notch. We have expert knowledge about breeders and strains and can guide you to the right high-quality seeds. Then, our team will provide guidelines and recommendations on setting up your facilities the right way, from grow lights to soil selection to sanitation practices. We’ll also thoroughly educate you on the lifecycle of the grow process, including advising you on germination, determining sex and adding plants to your operation. We’ll help you establish timelines and procedures, and when the time comes, ensure the flowers are harvested at the optimal time and trimmed, dried and cured in accordance with industry best practices.

When literally starting from the ground up, it’s imperative to know the ins and outs of cultivating your own operation. Trust us to show you how to raise your marijuana from the very beginning.
You’ve taken the first steps or taken your operation even further, but now you need a little guidance to truly streamline your operation. We’ll work with you to determine the best equipment, practices and more to improve your operation.
Pinnacle Consultants work with architects knowledgeable in the cannabis industry and all of its unique necessities. Starting from the inside working outwards, we can help you establish a facility that is up to code and streamlined for production.
With years of experience in cannabis cultivation and retail sales, we love passing on our our vast experience to our clients, helping them thrive in the industry. We’ll walk you through the legal licensing process, consulting on large grow operations and more, providing the expertise you need to succeed in the cannabis industry.

We routinely develop training and supplemental materials, as well as teach owners and managers how to evaluate employee performance. All of our training methods will be based on the compliance requirements for your license as well as industry best practices.

Our training methods and materials are easy to understand, and we’re willing to answer as many questions as necessary to ensure your staff is confident and productive on day one. We also provide direct shadows at either your new facility or one of our own.

The quality of your operation is only as good as the materials used in its cultivation. Running an entirely organic solution can mean healthier plants and a more substantial harvest.
Laying the groundwork for procedures is a necessity in any business if you want to succeed without sacrificing quality. We can assist you in determining the procedures your business needs to be successful while maintaining policies established for all companies within the marijuana industry.
With the right guidance, your profit margins can grow as successfully as your operation. Your return on investment is dependent on the care you provide your crop, so make sure you work with knowledgeable consultants. Our years of experience are passed on when we work directly with you to ensure your operation is running efficiently.