In July 2018 Ganjapreneurs have the opportunity to cash in on Canada’s cannabis market. Justin Trudeau is late to his 2017 deadline however, Canada will be ready for nationwide recreational sales in July 2018.  The delay is frustrating for some, but for those who haven’t invested in Canada yet this extra time may be a blessing.

Unlike the US, Canada and Trudeau seem to open to outside investment. According to Huff Post the San Francisco based, cannabis hedge fund, Poseidon Asset Management are already increasing Canadian holdings. This should be as intriguing to you as it is to us. What makes it so enticing for investment is that unlike the US, Canada will have legalized via federal law. This means investment is much safer than in the US.

Types of Investment for Ganjapreneurs

  • Stock

There are a few ways to invest in the Canadian cannabis market, the first of which is stock. There are several Canadian cannabis companies listed on the Canadian stock market. Cannabis stocks are one of the riskiest pink sheet investments but it seems that Canadian companies would be less likely to fail due to policy enforcement. So a slightly safer version of US pink sheet cannabis trading is possible but if that doesn’t interest you there are other options.

  • Brick and Mortar

Investing in a physical dispensary is the second possible cannabis investment. This route is a bit trickier than purchasing stock. The first order of business is finding a cannabis consultant to help you through the business plan, legalities and procurement. It is unclear what each province will put in place to restrict the cannabis industry. Trudeau has left it open for provinces to draft and adopt their own legislation to regulate the cannabis industry.

Next you will need to obtain a location and a license to operate in the city you choose. Once a location is secured a staff will need to be hired as well as a method of cultivation determined. There are too many things to list that must be accomplished to open and operate a successful cultivation, and or retail location. Hiring the right consultant lessens this burden for you.


You’ve got a year to make things happen. There is no time to waste for hungry Ganjapreneurs. Happy hunting!