Game of Clones: The Basics

There are several ways to cut, root and grow a clone. The traditional method is to make a diagonal cut on a stalk of new growth on a plant. To identify the new growth, look for a stalk with a light color cluster of new leaves. These stalks of new growth are necessary for the plant to start its own roots. Most cultivators make a diagonal cut when clipping the clone off of the mother plant which allows more surface space for roots to form. Most cultivators use rock wool as their cloning medium however hydro cloner machines, or a perlite and soil mixture are often common substitutes. Cultivators use several types of clone domes to propagate the clones when using rock wool.

Game of Clones: Rock Wool and Dome

After making the cut explained above the next step is to dip it in root gel. There are several root gels on the market but it may be best to contact a cannabis consultant before starting a large cloning operation. Now dip the clone in root gel and place it in a rock wool segment. Take those dipped clones in rock wool and then put them in a dome. Water the rock wool regularly to insure it doesn’t dry out. A low-wattage light is fine for cloning and some even use fluorescent lights. A variation to this method uses soil and perlite in place of rock wool.

Game of Clones: Cloner Machine

There are several cloner machines out there however it is best to ask a cannabis consultant which is best. A cloner machine uses hydro technology to root the clones. The machines have a bubbler and a pump that keeps the water flowing through the unit. The water facilitates the rooting with help from rooting gel and/or rooting nutrients. This method is great for hydroponics because they use the same medium, water.

When cloning for a commercial operation there are several compliance issues to address as each plant is tracked from seed to sale. Make sure you have a professional consultant on your team to navigate the compliance as it relates to clones.