The current Denver marijuana moratorium is set to expire on January 1st, 2016, This moratorium has been in place for 2 years and has allowed only existing medical marijuana businesses to expand by opening recreational dispensaries. This has allowed Denver to control industry growth. With this deadline fast approaching Denver’s marijuana policy office has begun submitting new proposals for the Denver marijuana moratorium to be extended an additional 2 years. This newly proposed Denver marijuana moratorium would not permit applications for any new medical marijuana business during that time frame. Denver is home to about 40% of Colorado’s Licenses and to date has issued more than 1,000 licenses that operate out of 440 different locations serving both the medical and recreational markets. The executive director of  marijuana policy for the city of Denver Ashley Kilroy went on record saying that “the city of Denver is getting to the point of being over-saturated” and may be near the point of overproduction of marijuana.

 “the city of Denver is getting to the point of being over-saturated”

City officials state that the reason they are looking to extend the Denver marijuana moratorium is give them time to gauge the impact of the legal marijuana experiment. This proposal to extend the moratorium has created quite a stir for those who are against the extension. These groups claim that by ending the moratorium it will allow for better customer experience, it will also allow for the market to determine the winners and losers, not the government. It has also been stated that by extending the Denver marijuana moratorium the city will be hurting those who have waited the 2 years since the last moratorium was implemented to attempt to enter the market. The President of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Tyler Henson was quoted as saying “by continuing the moratorium, it’s saying something’s wrong with the industry, which there’s not, and its boxing out those who want to get into the industry. If this moratorium were to be extended it would stand to greatly benefit those who currently have a medical dispensary that have not yet converted or expanded to a recreational dispensary. The only way for a new individual to enter the Denver marijuana market would be to purchase a license from a current business owner and take over their dispensary.

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