Compliance violations can devastate a cannabusiness. Penalties range from revocation of licenses to fines. Before the MED pops in on your dispensary, grow, or processing facility, have Pinnacle Consultation perform a compliance audit.

Common violations include:

  • Failing underage compliance checks
  • Record-keeping/METRC compliance issues
  • Inadequate camera coverage
  • Inadequate security for recording devices
  • Failing to disclose all owners or financial interests
  • Failing to ensure employees wore badges
  • Not using RFID tags
  • Product transfers to marijuana businesses that were not commonly owned
  • Improper waste disposal and recording
  • Not maintaining transport manifests

Following state and local regulations along the way to building your cannabusiness can prevent headaches in the future.

Pinnacle Consultation’s team has been through on-site inspections with local, state and federal investigators. It can point out infractions before they become obstacles to licensing, expansion or other business decisions.

Pinnacle Consultation can help with your business plan, site location, financial projections, operational plans, SOPs, licensing assistance and state and local compliance visits. Pinnacle Consultation offers a variety of services to the cannabis industry. Contact Pinnacle Consultation today at 719.330.5301.