A great deal about Colorado marijuana pesticides have been in the news recently due to a large marijuana chain being sued by two consumers for the use of pesticides on the products they purchased. The pesticides used on the products that were purchased is known as “Eagle-20”; a fungicide that contains the ingredient myclobutinal that when heated breaks down and releases a poison known as hydrogen cyanide. “Eagle-20” is not on the list of approved Colorado marijuana pesticides. According to The Colorado Department of Agriculture “Eagle-20” is banned from use on all tobacco and marijuana products. The use of “Eagle-20” is only approved for use on vegetation that will not be inhaled. The company being sued had 60,000 plants quarantined from the use of “Eagle-20”; the quarantine was lifted when only low levels of chemicals were found. The two consumers are suing the company for what they claim was overpriced cannabis, based on the fact that the pesticide had been used on the plants they purchased. Although the consumers were not harmed from the cannabis they purchased, they stated that they would not have inhaled had they known the product that was previously used on these plants.

“Eagle-20” a fungicide that contains the ingredient myclobutinal that when heated breaks down and releases a poison known as hydrogen cyanide!

Current and future marijuana companies are urged to take notice of this event, Cultivators need to know that if they do not follow all guidelines and regulations that if something were to happen to the consumer they will be responsible. Instead of using chemicals that have been banned under the Colorado marijuana pesticides regulations many companies have turned to the use of beneficial insects. Using these beneficial insects is a natural way to keep pests off of their plants. This is done with such beneficial insects as the “assassin bug”; these insects can be used to kill infestations by feasting on a variety of pests. Anyone currently in the marijuana industry or looking to join the industry is encouraged to use these beneficial insects as a way of keeping products all natural, it will also allow them to avoid the use of harmful chemicals on their plants. Since being founded Pinnacle Consultation has put these beneficial insects to use. Keeping our clients plants and all of our products natural and safe from infestation of unwanted pests and dangerous chemicals. As a result of this it gives us the benefit of keeping our clients products in compliance with all rules and regulations in their respective states and markets.

Colorado Marijuana Pesticides

An assassin bug is an example of a beneficial insects.