Tax Check List

By |March 31st, 2017|

As December 31 fades in the rearview mirror and another year appears in the headlights, it’s time to think ahead to 2017 Tax Season. The Tax Man will be here sooner than you think.

While reviewing year-end financials, keep these things in mind:
Count your cash

When thinking of the cannabis industry, one thinks of cash. And lots of it, […]

Drug Test Tips

By |February 3rd, 2017|

Marijuana might be legal for medical or recreational consumption in more tha half the United States, but requiring a drug test and terminating an employee because of results is still in the hands of the employer.
Tips for Workers

Know how marijuana works in the body.
Review company policy regarding marijuana use.
Company policies trump personal rights to use.

Election 2016 Cannabis Ballot Issues

By |November 16th, 2016|

Upon the heels of Donald Trump’s election, four states approved retail adult use of cannabis and four approved medical marijuana use. That brings the total to 28 states with a legal cannabis industry.

California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada will join Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and the District of Columbia to offer cannabis for adult use. Arkansa, Floridas, Montana and North Dakota […]

MJ Blowing Up: Cannabis Investors Want In

By |October 31st, 2016|

Be it CBD, THC or hemp, the cannabis (MJ) industry is blowing up! If you think not, look at some of the latest information out of Colorado.

Colorado reported more than $486 million in medical and retail cannabis sales through May 2016. During that time, taxes and license fees totaled more than $71.4 million. Sales are expected to exceed $1 billion […]

Oregon to Vote on Recreational Pot Again

By |October 26th, 2016|

Election Day 2016 offers Oregon voters more than Presidential choices. It offers Oregon voters in 50 plus communities the chance to opt-into the recreational cannabis market. The very lucrative, ever growing, cannabis market. Communities seeking tax dollars to replace dying industires like logging and mining are looking to gain tax dollars from retail cannabis sales. Sales those communities rejected […]

November Ballot

By |October 17th, 2016|

This land is your land This land is my land
From California to the New York island;
From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and Me.*

And this land will soon be seeing more states with legal and active marijuana, medical and adult, industries after this Fall’s election.

With Missouri down […]

Michigan Update

By |October 7th, 2016|

Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana in 2008. And law enforcement has been raiding dispensaries ever since.

Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder ® recently signed bills to establish medical cannabis industry rules and regulations. The bills establish a licensing system for MMJ businesses, legalize infused products and require a seed-to-sale tracking system.

“We can finally implement a solid framework that […]

Election Day 2016: 420 Ballot Issues

By |September 28th, 2016|

As Election Day 2016 nears, marijuana activists are assuring cannabis gets its day in the sun and on the ballot. And whether you counting 13, 8 0r 5 states, marijuana will be on the ballot this fall.

Pundits say states (and a Commonwealth) looking to vote on some form of cannabis legalization include: Arkansas, Arizona, California, […]

State Bars Bar Attorneys

By |August 26th, 2016|

In a Catch-22 for the legal industry, state bar associations are issuing “ethics” opinions to discourage attorneys from protecting the rights of cannabusinesses. Those opinions warn attorneys helping medical marijuana businesses may be violating federal law and professional rules of conduct. Shades of Tom Hagen from The Godfather.  The non-binding opinions could make it tougher for cannabusinesses […]

Compliance Violations

By |August 17th, 2016|

Compliance violations can devastate a cannabusiness. Penalties range from revocation of licenses to fines. Before the MED pops in on your dispensary, grow, or processing facility, have Pinnacle Consultation perform a compliance audit.

Common violations include:

Failing underage compliance checks
Record-keeping/METRC compliance issues
Inadequate camera coverage or inadequate security for recording devices
Failing to disclose all owners or financial […]