Marijuana Consulting

Once your cannabusiness is fully registered and licensed and you have a plan in place for getting off the ground, Pinnacle Consultation will provide assistance with the day-to-day procedures of running a business.

We provide training for you and employees, including cultivation staff, retail staff and management. Our expert team can advise you on the proper cultivation methods and provide in-depth consultation through our Grow Consulting. We’ll help you establish retail procedures and training to maximize sales and profits. We’ll continue to put you in touch with the right vendors as the need arises, and we’ll help you negotiate terms and wholesale prices.

Staying ahead of legal requirements is crucial to success in the cannabis industry. Not only do you have to ensure you’re in compliance with current laws, but you also have to anticipate those that might be instituted in the future. Pinnacle performs regular compliance audits in order to ensure you are always in compliance and helps you identify ways to stay ahead of the game.

When it comes to financial planning and analysis, Pinnacle brings extreme value to the table. Tax laws surround the cannabis industry can be complex, and we will make sure your accounting practices and tax planning are in line with best practices.

The Operations phase is ongoing, and pricing is specific to your needs.

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Grow Training

With Pinnacle Consultants’ expert knowledge, we can guide you to the right high-quality seeds. Our team will provide guidelines and recommendations on setting up your facilities the right way. From there, we’ll thoroughly educate you on the lifecycle of the grow process.

Cultivation Methods

Learn how to cultivate, process, and earn revenue from a plant grown by your own two hands. Pinnacle Consultants provide on-going support from the very first seed to beyond your first harvest.

Retail Training

Pinnacle Consulting has years of experience in cannabis cultivation and retail sales. And we love using our vast experience to help our clients thrive in the industry. From walking our clients through the legal licensing process to consulting on large grow operations, Pinnacle Consulting provides the expertise you need to succeed in the cannabis industry.

Our training methods include developing training manuals and supplemental materials as well as teaching owners and managers how to evaluate employee performance. All of our training methods will be based on the compliance requirements for your license as well as industry best practices.

We strive to make sure our training methods and materials are easy to understand, and we’re willing to answer as many questions as necessary to ensure your staff is confident and productive on day one, including direct shadows at either your new facility or one of our own.

Vendor Relations

Having a reliable and trustworthy network of vendors is an important part of every operation. Our goal is to help our clients build a strategic network of partners and vendors capable of contributing toward your long-term success.

Our consultants are able to help you find the best vendors to choose from, and if we don’t have established relationships with vendors in your area, we can help you identify the characteristics and qualities to look for.

Compliance Audits

In the new frontier of legal medical and recreational cannabis, the legal landscape is always changing and can create confusion. We are knowledgeable about federal, state and city laws around the country and can help ensure you are always in compliance.

We have our finger on the pulse of changing regulations throughout the country, and we can advise you not just on complying with existing regulations, but anticipating future regulations. We keep tabs on the Cannabis businesses put a lot of work into getting a license. Pinnacle Consultation can help you keep it.

Team Development

Like any business, your bottom line is only as good as your staff. And in the cannabis industry, hiring and retaining qualified, professional employees is essential.

Pinnacle Consulting can help you throughout the hiring and training process, helping to identify excellent candidates, prepare training processes and materials and help establish human resources policies. And, we’ll advise you on how to roll out new policies and procedures so that all employees are complying with all new rules and regulations.


Stand out from the crowd with targeted branding that uniquely defines your business. The right branding solutions can mean the difference between a slow-moving business and a booming one.

Investor Relations

Enable your business’ financial security with the help of our knowledgeable business consultants. By working directly with specialists experienced in facilitating financial growth, we can give you the control you need of your finances and investor relations.

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