Cannabusiness Development

Once your cannabusiness is created, Pinnacle Consultation will assist you with developing it into a successful enterprise.

First, we’ll advise you on any additional requirements of the application process. We’ll also advise you on the optimal facility design and layout and help manage the design and construction process. Pinnacle will help you choose the right equipment and vendors — selecting the right vendors is extremely important, and our team has numerous reliable contacts throughout the industry that we can put you in touch with.

Pinnacle will advise you on the processes and polices that you need to have in place in order to be legally compliant as well as financially successful. This includes everything from record keeping to customer polices to internal procedures.

The Development phase ends once your state applications are accepted.

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Application Assistance

Pinnacle Consultants will help you fill out the applications or read through them for revisions. Clients often come to us with most of the forms filled out, and then have us help them with the confusing portions. We can make sure the city and/or state will accept the application the first time through. This saves you time and processing fees.

Extended Application Support

Submitting your application is only one of the first steps. Maintaining consistent and timely application renewals is imperative for avoiding unwanted facility shutdowns and process delays. We will help you keep your paperwork up-to-date and will assist you in any new application requirements down the road.

Facility Layout and Design

We work with architects familiar with the cannabis industry and its necessities. From the inside and out, we can help you establish a brick-and-mortar location for your business that is up to code and streamlined for production.

Equipment/Vendor Selection

Our combined 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation has provided us with extensive knowledge in equipment and vendor resources. Trust in your decision of vendors and equipment providers with help from Cannabis Consultants.

Construction Management

Every business requires a different method of construction for its specific product. From grow rooms to storefront, allow us to help you determine and manage the construction option that’s best for your business.

Merchandising Consultation

Pinnacle Consultants possess expert knowledge about breeders and strains, and we can guide you to the right high-quality seeds. From there, we’ll thoroughly educate you on the lifecycle of the grow process, adding plants to your operation, and harvesting your product at the right time.

Process Creation

Without a proper plan in place, you could be walking a fine line between getting it right and everything going wrong. When we help you get a business process laid out, we’re helping you take the first steps toward a successful, lower-stress operation.

Policies and Procedures

Establishing the correct policies and procedures is imperative in any business to succeed without sacrificing quality. Let us help you determine the procedures your business needs to gain success, while adhering to the necessary policies established for you and for all companies within the marijuana industry.

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