It seems like another new cannabis expo is popping up every week. What does this mean for the industry? And how do you decide which ones are worth attending? Is every cannabis expo created equal? No doubt, going to them all would be rather fun. But alas, time is money and time must be wisely spent. And even more importantly, the entire point of these cannabis expos is to network and to increase your revenue, not just to hang out (sorry to burst your bubble).

This is not to say though that all of these cannabis conventions are the same. Quite the contrary! The key is to decode the RIGHT ones to attend – so you maximize the benefits for your business.

A common expression surrounding the expo explosion is that they seem to be popping up like weeds…pun intended. Tis true! And the themes of these cannabis expos range from small business oriented to corporate shindigs. Conferences are also networking opportunities. Expos are perfect chances to share your own new products, partner up, or get your name out there in the industry right in front of an open and willing crowd.

A Whole Bunch of the Same

While it is great that entrepreneurs are super pumped about the cannabis industry, there is only so much new information that can come out each month. So, holding cannabis expos basically every month starts to drag on those who go. You might feel Déjà vu as though you’ve seen these same “new” products over and over again. How is this supposed to help your business?

“I’m just starting and getting into the industry. What should I do?”

Being a newbie certainly lends itself to getting out there and learning, learning, learning. Getting your hands on all the info and data you can is great when you’re still learning the ropes. But on the same note, you need to weed out (sorry, another pun) the good advice from the not-so-good advice.

And simply showing up with your company swag isn’t going to guarantee you any high rollers throwing money into your business either. That is why you should maximize your presence and business impact and plan on visiting just a few shows a year. You’ll make your presence known in the industry as well as maintain your travel budget.

Cannabis Expos are Super Broad

The cannabis industry has many facets to it. But filling a room with all of the companies that focus on these areas is simply too much. Because of this, it can be difficult to connect with just your right area of focus.

That is why it is so important to do your research before you attend.

You should have a plan before you go. Know what you want to achieve by going through your business goals. Also, consider where the conference is being held as well. What does the market look like in that particular state? By attending, are you expanding your business opportunities or not? If shows are being held in states that don’t currently have any form of legal cannabis, it still can be useful to attend. It is likely that the show’s purpose is to try and change the area’s culture and attitude toward the substance – thus slowly encouraging the state toward legalization.

Low-Cost Conferences Might Mean Low-Quality Experience

Attending these conferences of course usually isn’t free – and this doesn’t even count travel expenses. So, those “cheaper” ones become awfully tempting. But you get what you pay for – or don’t pay for. Because often, events that cost less attract lower-quality vendors.

Here are few cannabis expos to consider:

MJBiz Conference – Las Vegas

NCIA Cannabis Business Summit – Anaheim

International Cannabis Business Conference – Portland

New England Cannabis Conventions (NECANN) – Maine

DispensaryNext – Conference details still being decided

New West Summit – Oakland

Need Advice for How to Maximize Your Next Conference Attendance?

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