With the recent election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the Canadian legalization process is rapidly gaining momentum. Trudeau had a made a promise to fully legalize marijuana during his campaign, and no with him in office he has given instructions for his Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to begin “working on a federal provincial territorial process that will lead to legalization and regulation of marijuana”, he seems to be making good on his promise. The letter instructs Raybould to work with the Ministers of Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Health┬áto help her set up the new system. A couple problems that arise with the Canadian legalization process is that there is no deadline for the Justice Minister to complete the regulations, as well as the work that needs to take place with the Ministers of Public Safety have opposed the legalization of marijuana in Canada for quite some time. If Canada were to completely legalize marijuana it would become only the second country in the world to do so, following Uruguay. Even with these issues Canada seems primed to make the shift to legalizing recreational marijuana.

With the Canadian legalization process moving so fast lots of people are beginning to open medical dispensaries in an attempt to be ahead of the curve for when it does become legal. It will help to have an already established dispensary in place when that time does come. As a result of so many dispensaries opening up at a rapid pace it will force Trudeau and his administration to move quickly with regulations. Officials believe that there will be a set of new recreational rules implemented by the end of next year. This is will be a good sign for all looking to join the Canadian marijuana market seeing that the Government is preparing as if the legalization is imminent.

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