Your business brand is more than a logo and a tagline. Too often, businesses develop these pieces of information merely because one is supposed to do so, and then simply forget about them after the fact. But as a business owner, you know better than anyone why your product or service beats the competition. Or do you?

What’s Your Business Differentiator…Go!

You need to be fully aware of your company and brand position as it stands right now, today. But how do you go about assessing this and determining the true strength of your brand?

A unique aspect of brand assessment is that it can take place whether you are just developing your company concept or are already established but want to make sure your offerings are as fresh as they can be. Here are a series of questions that you can work through to help you solidify your business concept. Once you have worked through these, contact us for a sit-down where we can delve deeper into your business messaging and get you ahead of the competition.

  1. Why are you even starting a cannabusiness? Or why do you want to get into the cannabis industry?

There needs to be authenticity in your answer. Don’t say you’re doing it because it seems like a “cool” thing to do. You obviously have a motivation for pursuing your plans. Articulate it.

  1. What is your story behind your cannabusiness?

Every business has to start from the ground up. Even major corporations and big-box retail had humble beginnings. So, reflect on how you got started. Or reflect on where you want to be. It is all directly related to your beginnings. And these beginnings are perfect places to start for marketing your brand to your desired customer.

  1. What does your brand say to consumers?

And what do you really want it to say? Think about when people enter your business, or you interact with them. What is your desired impression?

  1. Related to #3 – What about consumer feelings toward your brand?

Products and services naturally elicit emotion from those who use them. Obviously, if people feel comfortable with your brand, they stay put. Additionally, consumers view brands as though they possess a personality too. How would you describe your brand’s personality?

This question might require making a list of emotions to guide you to the correct ones.

Here are a few to help you get started: Active, Bold, Energetic, Adventurous, Playful, Funny, Friendly, Creative, Traditional, Passionate, Calm, Trustworthy, Innovative, Cutting Edge, Casual, Relaxed, Inspiring, Quality, Committed, Helpful. This is by no means all of them. But select a few of these to give yourself a clear brand personality profile.

  1. What makes consumers trust your brand? Or what will make them trust you?

We already discussed brand personality and later on you will reflect on consumer impressions. So, right now, think about your brand on a trust scale. Why do you think people come back to your business? Is it your expert advice? Okay, so explain how this expert advice manifests itself. Is it because your products are always high-quality? Explain more. Do you develop relationships with your customers? Great! Now, explain HOW you develop these relationships.

  1. What is your ideal consumer?

We already looked at desired consumer-brand interactions. As much as it might be great to say you want any and all customers, this simply is not possible, nor actually desirable. Tied into this is that your message and image is inherently appealing to some and not to others. What in your mind is the perfect person to sell to in your business?

  1. Now that you know your ideal consumer, what impression do you want them to have after leaving?

Successful businesses obviously want people to come back. So, just getting them in the door and completing a purchase is not necessarily enough. You need to make sure that they have a strong desire to return and will even share their positive experience with others.

  1. What image do you not want to convey to consumers?

This question makes you reflect on various aspects of your business. The way your staff interact with people, your business atmosphere, prices, hours open, signage phrases and imagery inside and outside your business are only a few of the elements that impact the customer experience. Does your brand evoke minimalist décor, clean lines, soft lightning and expert staff? Or does it actually say, nothing to see, no reason to stay, dim lightning, condescending staff? Consider consumer interpretations. It can make or break your brand.

Brand Assessment is Critical

Schedule a sit-down with Pinnacle Consultation today. We’ll help you make sure your brand promise is correctly aligned with your service and products. We’ll help you modify your brand differentiation to lift you above the competition. Our experts understand the consumer mindset and will guide you in attracting new ones.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years. Brands get stale when you don’t attend to them and freshen them up. It is critical to make sure your brand evokes exactly what you want it to. Call us today at 719.330.5301.