About Pinnacle Consultation

Pinnacle Consultation was created by several of Colorado’s pioneers in legal cannabis. Back in 2010, we watched more than 80 percent of newly opened dispensaries close shortly after due to may factors, the most common of which was — and often still is — poor production. The cannabusinesses that have survived have done so by having intensive business plans, professional operations practices and savvy legal compliance strategies.

We started working for a single dispensary as growers. Once we proved our skills and began making a name for ourselves locally, we started being approached by other dispensaries that needed our help. Eventually, we went to work for other dispensaries as master growers, managing to turn around and save more than a dozen different businesses. In the process, we learned an incredibly valuable amount of information about the business of cannabis, from legal compliance to HR to finance. Soon enough, we had an array of cannabusinesses asking for our expertise. That was the origin of Pinnacle Consultation.

Pinnacle Consultation consists of a diverse group of cannabis experts from different fields of the marijuana industry. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in various forms of cannabis cultivation, including outdoor, greenhouse, indoor, soil, hydroponics and alternative techniques.

Our goal is to maximize production in every grow we work with in order to provide the best possible quality product, every time. If you’re ready to establish your cannabusiness or to take your cannabusiness to the next level, we’d love to partner with you and grow your success.


Kristopher FowlkesDirector of Commercial Operations
A native of Oklahoma, Kristopher moved to Colorado in 2009 with an affinity for the cannabis mindset and laws of the state. He immediately began working in the medical marijuana field commercially after a lengthy period of growing in less friendly states. Kristopher emerged as a premier cannabis grower and later was able to utilize his business skills as well to save, improve and open multiple businesses. Policy reform is his motivation to continue bringing legitimacy and professionalism to the cannabis industry.