It’s almost here. To some, it is the ultimate marijuana meet-up of the year. To others, just another Friday. This day in question is of course, April 20th, known more commonly as 420. According to marijuana sales records collected by the Colorado Department of Revenue, exponential growth continues every year. Retail sales alone from the month of April grew from $21 million in 2014, to $44 million in 2015, $64 million in 2016, to $86 million in 2017. This means that from 2014, when recreational sales first became legal, to 2016, marijuana sales more than tripled.

April Sales Bring Green Showers

BDS Analytics focuses on marijuana industry research. April 20, 2014 saw $2.44 million in sales. That same day in 2015 sales more than doubled. And by 2017, sales had jumped to $7.47 million. With growth of this scale, April 20, 2018 will likely blow these numbers away.

So as a dispensary or delivery service owner, you might just think that Friday, April 20th will just be a little bit busier and if you add just a little bit more stock, and a few extra employees, then you’ll be fine. Think again. Why struggle through the day and weekend when you can take it on fully prepared and capture every bit of extra sales and clients to boost your bottom dollar? Remember, that in 2017, the event fell on a Thursday, which means that this year, your selling opportunities are magnified by being bordered by the weekend.

Here is your go-to guide for maximizing your results of 420. Use this guide to help multiply your sales, capture new clients, and convert this traffic into everyday customers. It is all about efficiency.

Your 420 Team

You love your sales. But you can’t sell without adequate staff. If you are extending your hours of operation, make sure you have enough staff to accommodate all of your customers. Nothing turns off customers more than having to wait and wait and wait. And it is one thing if they are waiting in line and can see plenty of team members working hard with other customers. It is entirely another thing if they see only a few employees there and they are waiting because the store was under-scheduled.

Additionally, your employees won’t take too kindly to being overwhelmed by hordes of customers. It will indeed reflect in their interactions during sales. And getting heated will adversely influence the customer experience. Also, don’t forget about increasing your security, or ensuring that everything is in working order. Test your system before something goes wrong. You are also going to have more cash on hand. Protect it.

Your 420 Processes

During intensely busy times, there often is no time to train someone in the proper selling processes in the moment. Before the rush, use the opportunity to make sure your staff is well-versed in exactly how you wish for them to handle cash, enter information into the tracking system, maintain patient confidentiality, check I.D.s, etc. Make sure you are being the best dispensary manager or owner you can be.

Things hit the you-know-what at the most inopportune times. What is your plan if the electricity suddenly goes out? You are probably planning your inventory pretty well, but what will you do if you run out of something? A good rule of thumb for inventory is to have the same amount of inventory you had in the previous year and then add 20% to it. Obviously consider your most popular products or categories as well.

A possible option for speeding up ordering is using tablets in store. This way, customers can make their selections and speed up the time to order fulfillment rather than having to still wait for a budtender. Having just a few of these in this technological-savvy society of ours could free up many members of your staff.

Customer Loyalty

You probably already offer deals on non-420 days. So why not amp up these offers on Friday. You could quickly send out coupons to your email list or just post them in store. Try a BOGO offer or giving a coupon for $5 or $10 on a future purchase.

Customers love loyalty programs. Have one, that’s great. Don’t have one, then start one. When you offer customers rewards, you give them an incentive to come back and spend more. Try out marijuana-specific rewards programs like Baker and Springbig. Both are turnkey solutions you can implement right now.

But you also don’t necessarily need a fancy customized customer loyalty program. Your email list and a well-designed template with a newsletter can easily share all of the pertinent information to your customers. And all you need to get started is their email. You could use those iPads previously mentioned and have people sign themselves up in store.

Track Your Customers

Hopefully, you keep track of your customers – in terms of age and products purchased. If not, then now is as good a time as any. Any data you collect is useful for email lists, store sales, etc. When customers come in, don’t be afraid to inquire how they heard about you. Which of your marketing efforts are resulting in actual customers?

420 Will Be Over Before You Know It

420 will come and go. Don’t lose all the momentum you will have gained during the day. While you get everything back to normal, give your staff time to refresh and come back strong for more stellar selling. You gathered great data about your customers and captured a bunch of new sign-ups for your newsletter or loyalty program. Keep them in the loop. And keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Cannabusiness is Ever Changing

Doing business in the cannabis industry means being aware of ever-changing legal and business practices. Consult the experts at Pinnacle Consultation to grow your business. We will guide through all cannabusiness development – from application, through equipment and vendors, to branding and compliance. Schedule a consultation today.