The Pennsylvania medical marijuana market is booming. The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently announced that patients purchased almost $100 million of medical marijuana just within the first year of legalization. 83,000 Pennsylvanians hold medical marijuana cards. With sales like the above, this equates to over 600,000 transactions occurring amongst the 45 dispensaries in the state.


“The first year that the state’s medical marijuana program has been operational tells us that this program is working to help Pennsylvanians in need of this medication.” “Patients are realizing the benefits and there has been steady, positive progress that I am pleased to report.” – Governor Tom Wolf


$100 million in sales is actually lower than an initial figure quoted by the Department of Health. They had originally said that there $132 million in medical marijuana sales. But this included sales from growers to dispensaries. This would mean that sales from growers to dispensaries were roughly $40 million.

But taxes collected on those sales is only a mere $2 million.

Sales officially began in February 2018. Sales permitted cannabis oils, tinctures, and pills. In August of 2018, marijuana flower was added.


45 Out of 50 Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are Operational

The Governor signed MMJ into law on April 17, 2016. The law allowed for much more than the 25 growers/processors and 50 dispensaries that are currently operating. Each dispensary is permitted to open three locations as well. But as of release of this post, Pennsylvania only has 45 dispensaries operating. Although, all of the permitted growers and processors are operating.


Different Products at Different Locations Create Issues

Additionally, there have been complaints about product availability. Some products available at specific urban stores are not at other dispensaries. Also, insurance doesn’t cover medical marijuana. Pennsylvania law does permit 150 dispensaries to operate at one time.


Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s Listening Tour

Fetterman’s listening tour has been focused on legalizing recreational use of marijuana. At the Harrisburg stop, speakers at the event suggested full legalization might make marijuana more affordable in the state. In addition, it might eliminate any potential unfairness created by the state’s limits on which conditions qualify for medical marijuana.

Furthermore, Pennsylvania medical marijuana conditions only permit 21 qualifying conditions. For example, the conditions include, AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Moreover, 900 physicians in the state can recommend medical marijuana.


Expand and Invest

The Pennsylvania medical marijuana market has only been in operation for a year. Sales are strong and organization appears tight. There’s really no better time to get into this budding market. Let Pinnacle help smooth the transition into the Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry.

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