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Colorado’s Premier Cannabis Consultants

Pinnacle Consultation helps with all aspects of marijuana growth to maximize cannabis yield and investment. Our cannabis grow consultants create affordable, custom solutions to aid in a wide range of cannabis concerns, from maximum production procedures to specialized extraction services. We also provide cannabusiness consulting. Working with Pinnacle Consultation puts clients at an advantage over the competition because of our ability to develop cannabis businesses as well as develop processes that will immediately provide the highest possible return on investment.

Enlisting the aid of qualified cannabis grow consultants can mean the difference between a struggling business and a thriving one. Soon after the start of the Colorado “Green Rush” in 2006, 80 percent of new dispensaries closed because of low production. Our cannabis consultants were instrumental in saving more than a dozen businesses by assessing grow methods and boosting productivity. Word of the dispensaries’ successful recovery spread, and Pinnacle Consultation was formed.  Since then, we’ve gained a well-earned reputation as Colorado’s foremost marijuana consulting company.

Cannabis Business Service Consulting

In addition to ensuring optimum growth, Pinnacle Consultation offers marijuana business consulting, providing would-be or established business owners a roadmap to setting up a thriving cannabis enterprise. We work with specialists, including engineers, architects and financial specialists, who are proficient in the ins and outs of marijuana business creation and operation. We can help you structure your business, open a dispensary, walk you through the application process and compliance, and provide financial estimates. Our cannabusiness consultants will help take the guesswork out of establishing your business. Whether you are looking to open a dispensary or need advice to propel your cannabusiness to new heights; Pinnacle Consultation can help you through any stage with a variety of custom tailored solutions!

Cannabis Industry Experts

We are a trusted cannabis consulting business with more than 20 years of combined cannabis cultivation and marijuana consulting experience. Our marijuana grow consultants can provide sound, effective advice on almost any marijuana-related issue. We are proficient in every method of growth, including outdoor, indoor, greenhouse, soil and hydroponics, and we’re happy to help growers of all scales with any size problem.

Whether you’re just beginning to look into the cannabis industry, are an experienced grower looking to refine your techniques and increase your yield, or someone interested in running a successful marijuana business, our cannabis grow consultants can help. Our marijuana consultants are dedicated to providing affordable services that help people get the most out of their growing efforts. Call today for a free consultation.

Cannabis Grow Consulting

Make the most of your investment with the help of our expert cannabis consultants, who will assess your grow environment and create a plan tailored to your specific needs. Our marijuana consultants design and construct cost-effective grow rooms for any preferred grow method, detect and eradicate pests, provide high-yield growth formulas and exotic strains to maximize harvests, and offer high-level and comprehensive training on or off site. We will also process your harvest using a variety of extraction methods.